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released March 24, 2013



all rights reserved


PIGS Boston, Massachusetts

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Track Name: Dying World
The man in the boardroom doesn’t wanna know your name
He doesn’t care about you, he thinks you’re all the same
The only thing he cares about is the money that he makes
It’s time to put an end to him no matter what it takes

Our world is dying and we’re all trying
To justify our apathy
There’s no objection, there’s no protection
From our self-destructive society

The proverbial seats of power are just prizes they can buy
And while you all salute them, I wish that they would die
You say that I’m so negative, well I say that you’re wrong
I believe the world can change, we have not hit our swan song
Track Name: Religious Hatred/Integrity
Religious Hatred
Why do you always need someone to tell you what to do?
Why can’t you think for yourself? Is it too hard for you?
Is the responsibility too much for you to bear
So you surrender your free will to the phony man upstairs?

Another bullshit philosophy
That does more harm than good you see
They just want someone to crucify
So that is how I justify, my religious hatred

Hide away from the truth cause you’re afraid it’ll blow your mind
But if you let the truth inside there’d be no mind to find
The lies that they’ve been feeding you have hollowed out your brain
You’ll be just the way they want you, you won’t ever think again

I won’t accept the lies that I’ve always been told
I refuse to believe that everything can be bought and sold
Who the fuck do they think they’re fooling? It ain’t you or me
I won’t sell myself because I have integrity

I am not amused by all these prostitutes
And their simplistic views of how the West was won
I have yet to see one scrap of integrity
They must think we don’t have eyes to see what vultures they’ve become

Slashing social programs amid record profit gains
These are people’s lives, it’s not a fucking game
How can you even sleep at night when all you do is take
It won’t be this way forever, someday we’ll realize what’s at stake

Building walls to obscure the slums
What the fuck are they hiding from?
Could it be the horrible truth?
What more do you need besides the proof?
Track Name: A Fast One
A compounding interest, the print that’s so fine
The pen on the paper, on the dotted line
We sign what they give us, we sign what they want
We don’t think about it if it matters or not
Cause frankly it doesn’t, we’re theirs either way
We do what they want, we do what they say
But whenever we can, we get them right back
And someday we’ll be on the attack

You pull a fast one
We pull one back
What’s yours, is ours
And that’s a fact

No war but Class War
Track Name: Run From Me
As I walk everything runs
They must think I have a gun
They must think I’m on the hunt
But that’s something I don’t care about
But they are right to be afraid
Because for our consumption they were made
How selfish can you fucking get?
Do animals fear people? You bet

So run. Run from me.
Before I see how many of you I can eat

Scurry away, up a tree
Fly away, run from me
I won’t eat you, that’s no lie
But I understand you’re afraid to die
Your life’s not food, your life’s not sport
Your right to live I support
I hate to think you’re scared of me
But it’s the only option you can see

So run. Run from me.
Before I see how many of you I can eat

Where’s the justice that I seek
For those of us that cannot speak?
Creatures locked in filthy pens
There is no way to make amends
For all the crimes that we commit
How can you fucking live with it
Meat is murder, homicide
So how can you fucking justify?
Track Name: Extinction Event
There’s no place that I can run to
There’s no safe place anymore
There’s nothing left to hold on to
There’s no safe place anymore
There’s nothing I can do to stop it
There’s no safe place anymore
You will just have to accept it

You can’t run you can’t hide
Extinction event realized

It’s all come to an end
We’re no different, we’re no different
Track Name: Hopeless/Road Kill
Everything is coming to an end and I must say that I don’t care at all
The whole world is a mess and I’m just too fucking stressed to even care at all
Well when did things get so fucked up that no one even gives a fuck or cares at all?
Politicians lie and children die, so let me fucking ask you do you care at all?

I can’t imagine a place that’s more barren
Than the space between your ears
And I can’t understand your support for their plan
That turns people into gears
For their infernal machines, don’t you see what I mean
Or have the bastards got you too?
It’s obvious to me, but why can’t you see
Just what we have to do

They’re responsible for innocent deaths but I won’t even waste my breath you don’t care at all
They are making fools of us it’s all so fucking obvious. You don’t care at all
How can you not fucking see, why won’t you just listen to me? You don’t care at all
Did your will just up and break or is it your conscience that’s at stake or do you not care at all?

If it’s such a bore to be marching to war
Then why do you wave their flag?
Could it just be a curse or perhaps something worse
That makes caring such a drag?
I don’t wanna scream but things aren’t as they seem
Everything that they say is a lie
I’ll try once again to convince you my friend
That these fuckers should all just go die

They’ve got us in a hard place, there’s not much we can do
I don’t fucking believe that, so how the fuck can you?
All it takes is the courage to stand up for what’s right
So take a stand against the man and just stand up and fight
Or is it just too fucking hopeless?

Road Kill
Road kill lying in the road, sitting there on my ride home
Carbon atoms breaking down, the world keeps fucking spinning round
I often stop to realize how everything eventually dies
Institutions, societies, my mom, my dad, even me

Cause we’re all just road kill in the middle of some fucking road

It is a comforting thought, to know there’s nothing that can stop
Our eventual decay, I wouldn’t have it any other way
Everyone needs to realize that eventually everything dies
Institutions, societies, their mom, their dad, even me